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Special Projects is a research space for film, television, commercials,
music videos and editorial projects. We look for images on the internet and in books.

Who do we work with?

Production Companies & Studios ª

Somesuch, Iconoclast, Object & Animal, Park Pictures, Stink, RadicalMedia®, RESET, Rattling Stick, PRETTYBIRD, Epoch, Gorgeous, Superprime, Smuggler, MJZ, Landia, HBO, Warner Bros.

Directors ª

Kim Gehrig, Wes Anderson, Yoann Lemoine, Ricky Saiz, Adam Hashemi, Salomon Ligthelm, Amber Grace Johnson, Wally Pfister, Isaac Lock, Guillermo Navarro, We Are From LA, Ellen Kuras, Bennett Miller, Paul Hunter, Michael Bay, Brian Beletic, Randy Krallman, Adam Berg, Frank Budgen, Cheryl Dunn, Ed Templeton, Filip Engstrom, Johnny Green, Guard Brothers, Nicolai Fuglsig, Rian Johnson, Mike Nichols, Daniel Kleinman, Ringan Ledwidge, Noam Murro, Chris Palmer, Henry-Alex Rubin, Psyop, Stylewar, Blue Source, Chris Smith, Andre Stringer, Peter Thwaites, Jon Watts, Clay Williams, Crystal Moselle, Georgia Hudson, Miles Jay, Nabil